Are you looking for a perfect window covering? Homeowners popularly use these two types of window coverings.

Deciding between a shade and a blind can be difficult. You should be mindful of the differences before making a purchase. If you want blinds, you can opt for made-to-measure blinds in Coventry from reputed stores. 

Before you make a feasible purchase decision, here’s the difference between a blind and a shade. 

What are the differences between a blind and a shade?

Privacy and light control 

Blinds have slats that can be tilted to control the flow of natural light within the room. On the other hand, shades are made of solid pieces and offer only two options: You can open or close a shade but not adjust privacy or light. 

Durability and longevity 

Blinds are made from hard materials like wood, PVC, and aluminium, so they are more resistant to wear and tear than shades. So, if you frequently open and close a particular window, choose a blind, as it is durable. Shades are less durable than blinds. Hence, shades for less-used doors and windows are more feasible.

Cleaning process

It is easier to clean and wipe off the dust and grime from the blinds than the shades. Use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean every part of the blind. However, with the shades, the process is hectic. You need to clean them rigorously. Hence, if you want a stress-free cleaning process, then a blind is a preferred option. 

Varied styles 

If you don’t want to experiment with the style of the blind, a simple white blind is the best option for your home windows. It gives the interiors a classic look. Again, for decorating the living room, instead of using blinds, you can simply use wooden shades that lend a luxurious style to the room. 

Child safety option 

Shades are a better option if you have a child at home. You can install automatic and cordless shades that can be lifted off with switches. This keeps the children from dragging the shade down or pulling the chords. 

On the other hand, most blinds have a cord, which is not a safe option for children. 

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