Made-to-measure blinds are customised per the customers’ measurements, as evident from the name. Unlike the readymade blinds, which are made within a standard length and width, if you want a different measurement, then made-to-measure blinds are your options. They are crafted to fit your requirements. 

However, ensure you know the details before buying this type of blinds. Information about these blinds will help you decide the price and the benefits. Contact professionals for the made-to-measure blinds in Leicestershire. Specify your requirements and get the exact size and shape. 

What is the price of made-to-measure blinds?

Since they are customised, you can expect the production cost to be higher than the standard blinds. To make these blinds, extra skills and good craftsmanship are required. Hence, the outcome is expensive compared to the other types of blinds. However, in terms of quality, there’s no compromise. You’re sure to get the best quality within the invested amount. 

How do you choose the best made-to-measure blinds?

Before you order a customised blind, make sure that you consider a few points. 

Check the place of installation

Where do you want to install the blind? Is it in the bathroom, conservatory or kitchen? Depending on the space, you must take the measurements and give the order. If you’re uncertain about the place of installation, then getting a customised blind is a loss. You may order one; however, it might not fit the available space. 

Think about the functionality of the blind

Ensure you check the functionality of blind people before ordering the same. For instance, opt for a wooden set of blinds if you need privacy. If you need sun rays within the room, then opt for a blind that opens easily. So, the order will depend on the functionality of blind people as well. 

Hire a professional manufacturer

You must hire a reputed professional for the job. This will help you to get the customised blind just the way you want. Professional manufacturers are the people who make the best blinds. If you go to a novice, you might end up with a blind that doesn’t suit your purpose. 

If you want a custom-made to-measure blind, contact Curtains By Elizabeth Anne. We specialise in offering bespoke curtains and blinds. Contact us for more information.