Made measure blinds are customised according to the customers’ size, design, and material requirements. However, only some people like to buy made-to-measure blinds. Readymade blinds are also a popular option among commercial and residential buyers. 

However, many need clarification on both choices. Which alternative is better? Why should you opt for made-to-measure blinds instead of readymade blinds? Are ready-made blinds more affordable?

For made-to-measure blinds in Coventry, you must contact professionals who make customised blinds.

To know the answer to such questions, check out the differences between these two types of blinds. 

Differences between ready-made blinds and made-to-measure blinds

Difference in cost

Without question, a made-to-measure blind will cost more than a readymade blind. Since these blinds must be made from the design material you have been looking for, their charges are high. 

Readymade blinds, on the other hand, have already been prepared, and a price has been affixed to them. Hence, they are more affordable than made-to-measure blinds.

Difference in style

With a made-to-measure blind, you can get the shape, size, and material you want. Do you have a small window?  Do you have an odd-shaped door? If yes, then made-to-measure blinds are the best choice for you. 

Readymade blinds are generally made with standard size and length in mind and cannot be customised according to your wishes. 

Difference in delivery

Although there are many positive points about a made-to-measure blind, it might take 8 to 10 days, depending on the type of blind, to prepare and deliver the blind. Hence, if you have a scarcity of time, you should opt for readymade blinds. You can see them hanging in the shop and buy them instantly. 

Made-to-measure blinds need to be pre-ordered and delivered within a scheduled timeline. 

The choice of the type of blind that you need to purchase depends upon the customer’s need,  affordability, and the amount of time they can give for the product to be delivered. 

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